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About Us

THE CELEBRATION OF MEXICO’S VIBRANT HISTORY AND CULTURE. Circa 2004, Ray Bello had an idea. He wanted to disrupt the Mexican food industry by introducing a fresh, cooked to order concept. We chose Mexican food because we wanted to make an impact on the community by enabling quality cuisine in a taco shop setting. By using homemade recipes and quality ingredients, we are able to achieve ultimate satisfaction in every bite.We want our customers to experience the Mexican culture, freshness and taste, right in their own neighborhood. Our passion and drive to create lasting shareable experiences will continue to bring customers back daily.

Popular Dishes

From Our Menu

  • Rancho Viejo Torta

    lettuce, sliced avocado, pico de gallo, and choice of meat (Lengua +$1) with beans and fries on the side.

  • $7.99

    Beef Tortilla Soup (with cabbage)

  • Al Pastor

    with guacamole, onion, and cilantro

  • Chile Rolleno

    chile rolleno, beans, sour cream, and cheese.

  • Al Pastor

  • Shrimp Plate

    with grilled veggies, shrimp, and ranchera sauce

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